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C/R’s Trainer Training

For school systems who are interested in adopting C/R workshop materials and/or program development design, we suggest that the school system designate personnel to become trainers in specified materials and/or workshops. Please note the following about Trainers Training services:

  • Trainers training is always a part of a program development proposal with systems who are contracting with Crane/Reynolds, Inc. for program development.
    This training involves training staff in consultation tools, strategies and skills to support the program development components implemented. Staff training occurs during the 4 or 5 half day consultation visits during each year of the proposal and during workshops for trainers at the end of each school year of the program proposal contract.
  • The Behavior Intervention Plan (BIPs) Workshop Training is also available with trainers training without a program development proposal.
    Descriptions of these workshop options are described in the Crane/Reynolds Workshop section.

Trainer training provides scripts, masters for presentations, handouts and information on being a change-agent. Participants will review the scripted information, note problems or concerns they have about training, receive possible alternative workshop options, and discuss implementation concerns. The remainder of the workshop delivers information on being an effective change-agent when implementing the particular workshop information. Emphasis is given to communication skills, handling defensive reactions, and observing strategies or programs within the classroom. Trainers will participate in demonstrations, role plays and discussions of the information.

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