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The Source Book,
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The Source Book

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C/R’s Program Development Model

Crane/Reynolds provides 2  & 3 – year program development proposals to train your staff to provide ongoing staff development to administrators, support staff, teachers, and paraprofessionals within your system.  We offer a variety of training options in the areas of Behavior Management, Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs), Discipline, Social Skills Strategies, Inclusion, Academic Management, Crisis Management and Case Management.  All proposals include the establishment of pilot programs with training components for Administrators, Support Staff, Teachers and Paraprofessionals.

C/R uses a "vertical training model" to address the needs of a system. The "vertical training model" views program development from four points of interface:

  • Teacher & Paraprofesional Training Component
  • Administrator Training Component
  • Support Staff Training Component
  • Central Staff Training with the Policy and Procedure Development Component

This model insures that school system staff are able to build effective programs based on C/R’s ideal prototypes and maintain these programs after C/R completes the project.  School system trainers will know the model for service delivery to students, will be able to train new Administrators, Teachers, Paraprofessionals and other campus staff and will be able to make any changes at the classroom, building, or central level needed to individualize and support the targeted population. Proposal services consists of three components:

  1. Initial workshop sessions to Teachers, Paraprofessionals and Trainers (beginning of each year): Information strand is targeted for the year based upon the school system’s project proposal. Trainers include Support Staff and Administrators.
  2. Follow-up consultation visits (4-5 times per year): Visits provide clarification to Teachers, Paraprofessionals and Trainers at each pilot site. Trainers receive additional training in project consultation tools and change-agent information to support  changes at the classroom and building level.
  3. Trainers Training (at the end of the year): Trainers are provided with continued training in the workshops targeted for the year and in change-agent information. Trainers are prepared to deliver workshops and are provided masters of handouts, scripts, and presentation materials.

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